For years I built a career as an advertising copywriter and producer. But my heart was never really into it. Eventually, then, I left my comfortable salary behind to pursue my PhD while subsisting on delicacies such as rice and beans and mac and cheese. Today, I am professor of media and the chair of the Media & Strategic Communication Department at Iona College.


My textbook on the social impact of advertising uniquely combines personal anecdotes of my days in advertising with a penetrating look at some of the most critical perspectives toward the industry advanced by media scholars. Written in a highly accessible style designed to engage students, the work is suitable for classes in disciplines as various as cultural studies, marketing, media studies, political science, and sociology. Advertising practitioners just might get a kick out of it too.

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Social Impact of Advertising

"Tony Kelso has produced an extremely impressive book. Written in an accessible language and sophisticated in its analysis . . . he demonstrates how as a cultural form advertising stands at the nexus of identity, ideology and the environmental catastrophe that threatens to engulf us and the planet. Written for a general audience as well as the college classroom, Kelso has performed a difficult maneuver, producing a work that makes us think deeply about the social impact of our everyday lives and decisions. Highly recommended."

                            --Sut Jhally

               Professor of Communication,

        University of Massachusetts at Amherst

               Founder and Executive Director,

                 Media Education Foundation

Tony Kelso, Author, Professor, Iona College